Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry: Blogging

"This year we made our very first Manaiakalani movie. It was all about leaving positive blog comments. We got the idea from Mrs.Yollis’ class all the way from California. Her class’s video gave us lots of ideas on how to make the movie. Her video was a US version so we decided to make a NZ version." Sajihaa @ Glen Innes School

"Our movie was about how to leave a positive blog comment. It is important to learn to leave positive blog comments because it helps us learn to be cybersmart. Cybersmart is learning to create a positive digital footprint. We also learn how to get a positive conversation going through the internet" James @ Glen Innes School

"When we first wrote comments on other peoples blogs we had to remember to be positive and specific. Some of us had just written comments like “Cool writing” or “Your story is amazing.” When we wrote a comment, we ended it with a question and if we couldn’t think of a question, we would try and make a connection". Andrea @ Glen Innes School

"My teacher encouraged me to speak in front of the camera. That was really challenging because I’m really nervous in front of cameras and I do not like photos of me. I kept practising on camera and in the end I actually enjoyed the camera filming me. It made me feel famous."
Shanelle @ Glen Innes School

"My favourite part was talking about make a connections . When we did our parts to read we all had a challenge with our groups. When we finished we shouted out "Technology" and held our signs and said “happy blogging.” Keaneau @ Glen Innes School

 "I really enjoy watching the Manaiakalani films from other schools. It helped me learn about some important things. My favourite part in our movie was when I was talking about being positive. When we were practising for the movie, it was a bit challenging but when I learnt my words off by heart I was pretty ok.  Samuel @ Glen Innes School

"I really liked our movie about posting blog comments. I like it because some of our classmates from Room 10 appeared on the big screen. I was inspired by Mrs Yollis and her class because they taught us how to leave great comments on peoples blogs. The challenging part of making our movie was standing in front of the camera. I was so nervous when we were doing the REAL film and I was shaking. Vasa @ Glen Innes School

We have also visited Mrs Yollis' class blog and left a comment sharing what we have learnt. You can see the original movie created by Mrs Yollis and her students too.


Kyra Lee said...

Hi Room 10
Your class is improving hugely.Nice to see you guys are getting along with making a movie about blogging I love to comment on blogs. Keep the great work up!

By Kyra

Alazae said...

Hi room 10
I think your movie was great.
My favourite part was when used danced.
I was wondering about how you talked about blogs
thank you for sharing your movie with me
Thanking for sharing you movie with me.

By Alazae

Bonvie said...

Hello, room 10
we really liked your rules. They are really helpful. How did you choose them? my favourite part is how you make connections.

By Bonvie

Savannah said...

Hi room 10

I you guys must be improving a lot on your learning. Your rules are very helpful for us. Did you have fun making your movie?

Keep the great work up!

Britney said...

Good on you Room 10. A lot of people in that audience didn't know how to leave a positive blog comment but i'm sure now they do. Your story line was really different and thats amazing. Its also amazing that at your age you are learning how to make your very own movies. Who knows you might be the next Peter Jackson. Who choreographed your dance moves?

Kelvin said...
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Victoria said...

Hi Room 10,

I really like you movie when we watched it at Hoyts. When you showed us your movie I know how to post a comments thanks to you. Keep up the good work Room 10. :)

Saleha said...

Well done Room 10!
I loved your movie because it left me a question to ask you. Where did you learn how to dance like that?

Kelvin said...

Hi Room 10
You have a great movie because I did not like blog comments but now I do. Keep the good work up.

Christopher said...

Good work Room 10 keep it up and I liked how you made your movie

Joanna said...

Hi Room 10
I like your movie that you have made Thank you for showing us how to post a possessive comment. Hope you keep up the good work.

Petra said...

Room 10 Hi that was cool I loved when went to the movies I saw you film and I love it and good bye and keep it up :)

Norsalomah said...

Great job room 10.
I think this movie goes to the people who struggles to comment on blogs. Anyway, you are improving your dance. Where did you learn your dance from?

Fiona Grant said...

Awesome movie Room 10,
I can tell that you worked hard writing and planning your shots before filming especially your backdrops and setting up the scenes.
You have also included useful tips to help people learn more about effective commenting. Including examples for your audience to think about is very helpful too.

I will definitely be recommending your movie to help with our CyberSmart learning.

Elizabeth C said...

Hey Room 10
I'm from Pt England school I was just checking out your schools movie.
I like that you guys did that dance on the stage :)
I hope that you guys do another cool movie, next year.


tane said...

Hi room 10
You guys made a wonderful movie and I thought it was fantastic.

Tupouf said...

Hey room 10. You guys made a wonderful movie and I thought it was fantastic. can't wait until you make another movie next year.

Ifa said...

Hi room 10 you made a wonderful movie. Thank you for the tips to make a positive comment.

Abdurrahman said...

Hi Room 10

You made a wonderful movie together. I like your describing of what happened. Keep up the great work.

Mahdia said...

Hi Room 10
You guys did an awesome job on making your movie,
it makes it look obvious that you guys are the smart fellers.
Keep it up


Patrick said...

Hi Room 10
Your Movie was really exciting and it helps us to comment on other peoples work. It helps us when we are in the moment comment. Nice Work Room 10.

Shanelle said...
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Shanelle said...

Thank you everyone for your all your lovely comments. We are glad that you liked our movie. Our movie was made with the intention to entertain and at the same time educate people on how to make quality blog comments. I really want to give the most of the credit to our teacher Mrs. Tuakoi for her endless effort as well as all the students from Rm.10 who contributed to put together this movie. I wonder what our movie for next year will be about. Well Done Rm.10.

Ashanty said...

Hi room 10
I really liked your movie Because it was very cool and funny and I hope you can make anther cool movie

Langaiva said...

Hi room 10

I was filled with happiness when you made a movie about blog commenting. Now everyone knows how to leave a positive comment.

Hilda-Rose said...

Hey Room 10. You guys did an awesome movie about blog commenting. It really helped to show everyone how to leave a positive comment on a blog. Keep up the good work!

Grace.k's blog said...

ka pai

edhillsheed said...

Hi Room 10
You made a awesome video my family likes it

hollie said...

Hi room 10
you made a cool video I loved it.
I learnt something of it make more I really enjoyed it

Joseph HJ said...

Rm 7 I like the song and your great feedback I hope everyone would like your guys writing.

Shane said...

hi Room7 I Like The viode

Lyu said...

Hi my name is Lyu and I am a student from hay park school.Your video is so cool I wish I could make one like that.Keep up the good work thank you.

Sione @ Glen Innes School said...

Good afternoon room 7 I really liked your movie keep it up.

Troy said...

Hi room 10
that was a cool movie it helped me how to bog keep up the good work:)

Robert Anderton said...

Hi, Robert here, i like your videoing skills keep it up. Can you add some more information about how to make a quality bog comment. Thanks have a good afternoon

yt56uon said...

hi im mena i really like your video i liked your dance

Paijo chipit said...


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