Monday, 12 March 2018

Silhouette in the rainbow art.

We did this art today and it's called silhouette in the rainbow. First we had to take a picture of our side view and trace the outline of our face, then we painted the face black and let it dry. After that we drew lines and painted inside the spaces. This artwork was a great experience for me, in the future I would want to do more art like this.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Technique - I took 5 earbuds and dipped them into the paint then started drawing my tree. 
Colour -  I started mixing the colours to make the colours that I needed for my art. This was lots of fun.
Success - I like was able to mix the colours and got the colour that I want.
What I need to work on - I will need to be able to look at how I can paint a tree with branches, using the same technique. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Creating Word problems

During Maths today we learned to create word problems to match given equations.  It was great fun because we are always given word problems to solve but this time we work backwards and we love it.

Monday, 26 February 2018

It was only a dream!

It was an unlit night, and I was walking home,
alone. Rain was heavily pouring down, threatening
me to open up my umbrella. The street lights were dim,
and not one single animal, creature or person was within
ye-view. I was convinced that no one else was around,
so I started humming, emphatically.

I had just turned through a corner and into one of the many
alleyways in town, when I heard an outraged, irritable grunt.
It was as loud as the engine of a car, or the snoring of a giant!
“Who’s there?!” I asked and turned around. I wish I hadn’t
done that, because when I got to see who made that sound, I
was aghast that it wasn’t a ‘who’ at all! It was a ‘WHAT!’
It had piercing black eyes, and it was much taller than I was.
Probably just shorter than a mature raffe. Its body was clear
green. Its stomach bulged out as far as my arms could stretch!
I blinked! It was still there, and I could tell that it was very
hungry, and its choice of food seemed to be me! I stood
there for what had seemed like a millisecond, swung my neck
around in search of an open shop, or a clear path leading home,
and ran.

I had only run about 17 steps and I could already hear the
hideous beast behind me. It breathed. It breathed heavily.
It breathed so heavily that my neck went warm. It was
probably towering over me by now. This time, I didn’t
want to look at the monstrous being.I knew what it looked
like, I knew what it was, and I also knew that
I was going to become its dinner if I didn’t watch out.
I did the math. Only 4 more blocks and I would be home.
I knew that I had barely enough time to rest and breathe,
but I had to get away from it! I could feel its arms reaching
around me, when I made a quick run for it.
Unfortunately, I didn’t make it.

It snatched me up into its huge slimy arms and I knew
I wouldn’t be able to escape this time, so all I did was
stand there, of course was standing in the air because
it practically lifted me off of the ground. I yelled,
though. I screamed. I sang out loud….
“Let me go you hideous demon!” Nothing helped.
It came to my senses that this beast did not understand
me. All I could do was cry.

It stared right into my eyes, and clutched my lifeless
body. I went pale, more pale than the palest white.
The demon beast opened its mouth, revealing mossy
green teeth, and raised me up to lip level. I took one
more breath, thinking that this would be the end of me…..
And then I woke up!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Managing Self

Earlier this week I completed one of the Key Competencies. The one I wrote about was Managing Self. As seen, you can explain in many ways what managing self could possibly be. Overall I enjoyed creating this drawing and I would like to write about Participating and Contributing.

By Alicia