Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Growth Mindset - A Manaiakalani Film Festival entry

Our story shows that to have a growth mindset, you never give up.  Whatever the obstacles, you just have to keep trying and success will come to you - as it did for William.

Monday, 23 October 2017

How I want to be remembered.

How I want to be remembered.

How would you want to be remembered if you were departing from one place to another? If you were moving elsewhere? Most people would want to be remembered as a compassionate person. But If I were to leave a place I’ve known for a long time, I’d want to leave a big a impression as possible, so that people would have no trouble at all remembering me.

I’d want to be remembered for a lot of things. I want to be recalled as the person everybody loved being around. The one who never saw failing as an option, or a word in her vocabulary. A creative and passionate person, and a girl that was helpful and comforting to everybody. I want to be thought of as an inspirational person. I’d want to be remembered like this because I think that these are all of the things that describe me.

Most of my friends like me because of my personal traits, and these are all a part of my personality. I love being around others, and I am definitely helpful and comforting around new people. I do not like failing, but if or when I do, I persevere to get back to where I want to be. I want to leave this legacy behind for others to follow. Because I want to be remembered for such things, I figure that I must leave a positive impact on everybody I am going away from.

All of these reasons add up to why I would want to be remembered in such ways. I think that my personality describes exactly how I would be remembered. I also think that everyone in my family that comes after me will live up to fulfill their potential as well, and hopefully be remembered for the same reasons as me!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Should grandparents get paid to look after their grandchildren?

Should Grandparents get paid to look after Grandchildren?

I strongly believe that our Grandparents these days shouldn’t have to get paid for looking  after their grandchildren . Some may think they should, but in my opinion they shouldn’t.

To start off with, it's only their grandchildren they have to look after and not just any children that need babysitting. Anyways this will give them the chance to build a close relationship with each other and it gives them extra time to bond, especially if they  haven’t seen each other in a while. Therefore getting paid is not important at all, instead grandparents should be taking this opportunity to develop a closer relationship with their grandchildren.  

Secondly, parents really need to work now, in order to earn money for the family because the cost of living is very high. So grandparents should be very supportive and help with looking after the grandchildren when the parents need to go to work.  Sharing this responsibility is very important as both parents need to work because everything is very expensive.

At times parents might want a break from their children, so giving the grandparents the responsibility to look after them, wouldn’t mean they are taking advantage of them and being selfish. Instead it means that they know they have support and that the parents of the grandchildren have someone there when they need time out.

For all these reasons, I strongly believe Grandparents shouldn’t get paid to look after their own grandchildren.

by Jenascia

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Three Dimensional Shapes

Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 11.01.48 AM.pngScreenshot 2017-06-29 at 11.01.54 AM.png

Cube: Pyramid:
Faces: 6 Faces: 5
Edges: 12 Edges:8
Vertices: 8 Vertices: 5

For today’s Maths we were making three dimensional shapes with sticks and blue-tack. In the pictures above, I have displayed the two shapes I made, a cube and a pyramid. Underneath the pictures are the questions we had to answer. Creating the shapes were harder than the question but it was great fun doing it.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Eco - friendly Inventions by Raymond Huber

In Reading we have been given 6 tasks but we have to choose only 3 activities to complete. 

Activity 1:
List 5 eco-friendly ways to control weeds and pests.

  • Plant companion plants - Planting plants like basil, tansy, and marigolds will send a signal for pests and bugs to go somewhere else (companion plants help other plants grow better and protect them from pests as well)
  • Pull them out by hand - It may seem obvious but pulling weeds out by hand is one of the simplest way and maybe one of the easiest
  • Make a solution - Make a solution with about 1 cup of salt and 2 cups of boiling water and mix. Then pour it over gradually over the weeds to kill them.
  • Pour salt - Instead of mixing salt and hot water together you can just pour salt over the weeds and make sure it is equally spread effectively across the weeds and unwanted grass.
  • Baking Soda - You can also sprinkle and spread baking soda to keep weeds and grasses from spreading and growing in between the concrete cracks and in your garden.

Activity 2:
List down the consequences of using toxic chemical to control weeds and pests.

  • Some toxic chemical items don’t really work properly because it does not only killing weeds and pests but it sometimes end up killing other crops and plants too.
  • Some toxic chemicals ends up killing the animals and creatures around the plants. Toxic chemicals are so poisonous that it could end up injuring and hurting animals likes cats, dogs, and birds.

Activity 3:
How could you persuade others to use non-toxic weeds and pests control systems.

  • I could make posters and signs and spread awareness for people, and explain what toxic chemical and control systems actually do to your garden and pets, and hopefully people would speak up and stop using toxic chemicals to control pests and weeds.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Why Parent Teacher Meetings School Be Compulsory?

Why Parent Teacher Meetings School Be Compulsory?

I strongly believe that this meeting is necessary. If we don’t have this the parents won't know about events or things that we are learning at school. When we go home every day we do tell our parents about how our day at school was, but we don't include all of the information needed.
These types of meetings help parents understand what is happening at school. It also encourages their children to do better and maybe do work at home. If they know what's happening at school then they know how to help with their children's learning . For example, if their children needs help with their times tables or work which they may not know, but the teachers will tell them and the parents could possibly help their children with that.
This also encourages parents to be more involved with school. Children will make a big difference in their learning if they know their parents are involved. It makes them feel supported in their learning and they will have better attitudes towards it.
In conclusion I do believe that this Parent Teacher Meeting is necessary based on the reasons above and should always be held between terms.

By Moana