Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jump Rope for Heart

WALT: Write an article about Jump Rope for heart to be published on the local newspaper.

G.I School shows off their amazing skipping skills at the G.I centre.
Shanelle Williamson

Glen Innes School have been practising their skipping routines really hard before heading off to Glen Innes Shopping Centre to perform on Thursday the 27th of June. The children marched down to Glen Innes shopping centre. Most of the children were nervous but they were excited at the same time.

Mr. Naidoo and some helpers already set up the place. The children sat down around a big square looking very delighted. There was already a whole crowd of parents standing around looking at all the children.  Mr. Naidoo told everyone that they will be overwhelmed by the skipping skills of the children. Britney from room 11 was the MC for the day. She was pretty good.

Each class chose a music for their routine.  There was a variety of music played and it was very entertaining. Some parents were dancing to the music too. The children displayed great skipping skills and most people were amazed.

Everyone was cheering and screaming. So Mr.Naidoo was right, everyone was really impressed and wanted to see it again, but it was all over. The adults also had a chance to skip with their children at the end. One parent got the prize for being the best skipper. The children of Glen Innes School said, they will be performing at the same time next year.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

number sentence

We have been learning to write a story to match a given number sentence.
1.  49+6
David had 49 shoes. He bought 6 more. How many shoes does David have altogether?

2.  67-19
There were 67 people that came to a meeting.This meeting took four hours and 19 of them left early. How many people stayed until the meeting finished?  

3.  146-68
Tom’s mum had 146 chocolate bars and she sold 68 of them.  How many bars does she have left?

4.  230+145
Chris had $230 in his bank account. He deposit $145on his pay day.  What is the balance of Chris’s bank account now?

5.  4x5
Tim had 4 jars of lollies and in each jar, there are 5 lollies.  How many lollies does Tim have altogether?

6.  18÷6

Ruby had 18 lollies, she shared it among her 6 friends. How many lollies does each of her friends get?

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dance Mat Typing by Andrea

 I am learning all of the letters on the keyboard off by heart.  I am getting much better at it.  I can almost type without looking at the keyboard.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Games that help us learn by Munokoa

This game is call snowball and it is a cool game because it helps me learn a lot of things. When you get in the game you have to check if you got the right answer. When you finish the game you can go and change your maths into addition, subtraction, geometry or timetables.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Yummy Apples by Shanelle

I have been learning my 1 to 20 times tables and believe me they are really hard. This game is really good for me because I know my 1 to 10 times tables and it will be challenging for people that don't know their times tables.