Friday, 6 June 2014

All about me

All about me

Malo e lelei, I’m Heather and I am a Tongan girl with 4 brothers,and 3 sisters. Out of my whole family the person I mostly stick up for is my little brother because he often gets into all sorts of trouble both at home and at school. I go to Glen Innes School and I really love to swimming, but I’m not as good as James or Kuraia because they are very fast.

At school I like to play with my friends because they are nice girls,you will always want to be with them when you are alone. My favourite game is ball-rush but we don’t play it alot because we have to get on with our challenging work at school. My friends are Natalia, Jenascia, Angel, Ketura, Siunipa, Vasa, Limi, Rebecca,Trinity, Tuakana and Kuraia. They are my true friends because they do things together with me.

My favourite movie is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball  2 and my favourite song is Daddys Little Girl by Frankie J. The place I love is Niue because the water there is so fresh and clean. I really love another place called Hawaii,in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In the future I would love to be a  successful  singer and this will only happen if I make people hear my voice. Then I will have get over my fear and start showing others how talented I am in singing. Thats all about me, I hope you liked it.

Basic test Reflection

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My score on basic facts was 588. I was good at writing the numbers in words, arranging numbers from biggest to smallest, addition and multiplication. I would need help with  my division, using the < = > symbols and my place value with six and seven digit numbers. Also to improve my work I  will need to ask one of my parents at home to ask me questions so I can improve. I would like to get all of the questions right  in the next assessment.