Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Our school value

R-E-A-C-H  is Glen Innes school's acronym for our school values. And this is very special to us.  In our movie, our class has enacted different scenes to explain what our values and therefore R-E-A-C-H really means.  I'm sure you have heard these words before, but they are very very special to Glen Innes School.

Friday, 11 October 2019


WALT:  write time in words and in digital form.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: To be successful I must ….
  • Look at the minute hand as it tells me how-
  • -many minutes past the hour or how many minutes before the next hour.
  • Look at the hour as it tells me the hour.
  • Know that between each number is 5 minutes.

6:20 | 
20 minutes past 6
10:20 | 
20 minutes past 10
9:20 | 
20 minutes past 9
5:20 | 
20 minutes past 5
7:00 | 
7 o’clock
3:20 | 
20 minutes past 3
4:00 | 
4 o’clock
10:00 | 
10 o’clock
12:40 | 
20 minutes to 1

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Autobiography Poem

Who is, tall, caring and  smart
Who is afraid of spiders, needles, heights.
Who loves spiders, school and sports
Who is skillful at, Maths, Writing, Reading
Who would like to visit America, Disneyland and Rainbows End
Who dreams of being a princess
Who is a student of Glen Innes School


Friday, 22 February 2019

Antonyms Diamante Poem

Michelle’s Diamante Poem

Warm, Sunny
Swimming, Gardening, Fishing
Vacation, Picnic, Snow, Icicles
Shivering,  Sledding, Skiing
Icy, Cold