Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween by Lauren

Kia Ora, every year I see a lot of kids trick or treating on the 31st of October. I’ve never ever been out to trick or treat during Halloween in my life.  Halloween must be so awesome  as we get lots of treats from house to house.
Sometimes kids get toothaches from eating lots of chocolates and lollies. Little kids are dressed up in freaky costumes. It has got to be the most scary, fantastic, most mind blowing, spectacular and out of control it is called Halloween! Guess what I’m going to dress up as. A VAMPIRE! or HARRY POTTER! maybe a TIGER! If I go... trick or treat smell my feet give me something nice to eat, if you don’t I will make you a pumpkin head instead.
I hope I celebrate halloween like the other kids.


Trey said...

Brilliant story Lauren. I like the bit when it says,"The kids get toothaches from eating lots of lollies and chocolate". I get toothaches even though I'm too old to go to Halloween. If you went to Halloween, who would you go with?

Krissy Rangi said...

Hi Lauren, I hope you get to dress up and experience the fun of Halloween like I did when I was your age. I thought it was so much fun dressing up as a different character every year. I remember dressing up as a scary witch one year. Dressing up is fun but also getting heaps of lollies makes everything much better. If you do go, make sure you're with your friends or family. The more the merrier.

Autymn said...

Hi Lauren, now you know what we do on our netbooks, this is a good piece of writing that you have here. Are you going to write more fantastic writing?

Lauren said...

Thanks for the comments everyone and Trey. Your comment made me smile.I would go with my friends. Hi Krissy I would dress up as a Vampire.You're right Autyumn now I can understand what you are doing on your net books and I can't wait to get mine.

Mrs Burt said...

Hi Lauren

You sound JUST like my children used to because I never let them go around the streets on Halloween either. I don't think it is safe taking lollies from strangers. I thought you wrote about your disappointment very well.

I did want to let your whole class know that I think your blog is fantastic and it sure has a cute theme.

Well done to your teacher and all of you.

Mrs Burt

Andrea said...

Lauren. When you wrote this story, I was very impressed how you said"I`ve never been trick or treating in my life". I like this because I am pretty sure that you have been trick or treating.

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