Wednesday, 10 July 2013

number sentence

We have been learning to write a story to match a given number sentence.
1.  49+6
David had 49 shoes. He bought 6 more. How many shoes does David have altogether?

2.  67-19
There were 67 people that came to a meeting.This meeting took four hours and 19 of them left early. How many people stayed until the meeting finished?  

3.  146-68
Tom’s mum had 146 chocolate bars and she sold 68 of them.  How many bars does she have left?

4.  230+145
Chris had $230 in his bank account. He deposit $145on his pay day.  What is the balance of Chris’s bank account now?

5.  4x5
Tim had 4 jars of lollies and in each jar, there are 5 lollies.  How many lollies does Tim have altogether?

6.  18÷6

Ruby had 18 lollies, she shared it among her 6 friends. How many lollies does each of her friends get?


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