Monday, 19 August 2013

Number Sentences

We have been learning to make a story to match a given number sentence.

1.  49+6=
Josh had 46 cans and then Jake gave him 6 more.   How many cans does Josh have altogether?

2.  67-19
I bought 67 lollies and I gave 19 lollies to my brother.   How many lollies do I have left?

3.  146-68
Our school has 146 students, 68 of them went to another school. How many students at our school now?

4.  230+145=
There are 230 chairs at school, the principal bought 145 new chairs.  How many chairs are there altogether?

5.  5x4=
There are 5 packets of chocolates, each of them has 4 chocolate cubes. How many chocolate cubes are there altogether?

I have 18 lollies. I shared it between 6 kids. How many lollies does each kid get?


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