Monday, 31 October 2016

Miracle in the sky

He stood there next to his mother, sheltered under a large black umbrella held by the tall woman. The mother and her son were soaked wet as they dragged themselves across the field.
They knew that something strange is happening. The rumble of thunder had been accompanied by a strange wind, almost a whooshing sound. The boy does not remember any time like this in his whole life.
They stared up at the remarkable view above them and wondered what on earth was happening. To their surprise, they saw a shoal of enormous fish swimming across the cloudy sky. The fishes appeared to be thousands, they were moving at a tremendous speed.
The mother and her son were feeling a bit amazed and worried at the same time. The reason is because they can not explain what and why there were fish in the sky. Furthermore, they were more worried than amazed because they could understand what is happening. Nevertheless, they continued on walking home in the terrible weather.
Hours and minutes later they finally got home. They had a warm shower, got changed, had a nice hot cup of milo before falling asleep while watching TV. Although they were sleeping, they were still thinking about what they have seen and realised it must have been a miracle but they were not sure who else has seen what they saw.


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