Friday, 9 June 2017

Why Parent Teacher Meetings School Be Compulsory?

Why Parent Teacher Meetings School Be Compulsory?

I strongly believe that this meeting is necessary. If we don’t have this the parents won't know about events or things that we are learning at school. When we go home every day we do tell our parents about how our day at school was, but we don't include all of the information needed.
These types of meetings help parents understand what is happening at school. It also encourages their children to do better and maybe do work at home. If they know what's happening at school then they know how to help with their children's learning . For example, if their children needs help with their times tables or work which they may not know, but the teachers will tell them and the parents could possibly help their children with that.
This also encourages parents to be more involved with school. Children will make a big difference in their learning if they know their parents are involved. It makes them feel supported in their learning and they will have better attitudes towards it.
In conclusion I do believe that this Parent Teacher Meeting is necessary based on the reasons above and should always be held between terms.

By Moana


jazire @ glen innes school said...

Kia Ora Moana!

You have good formatting and spelling and grammar. I think that this piece of writing is extraordinary! I also think that parent teacher meetings are a good influence to the children at school. Keep up the good work!

Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Moana
The information that you have put on really changes people's mind about parent teacher meeting. This really changed my mind about parent teacher meetings. Do you think that parent teacher meetings are a good influence to their children here at school?

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