Thursday, 12 October 2017

Should grandparents get paid to look after their grandchildren?

Should Grandparents get paid to look after Grandchildren?

I strongly believe that our Grandparents these days shouldn’t have to get paid for looking  after their grandchildren . Some may think they should, but in my opinion they shouldn’t.

To start off with, it's only their grandchildren they have to look after and not just any children that need babysitting. Anyways this will give them the chance to build a close relationship with each other and it gives them extra time to bond, especially if they  haven’t seen each other in a while. Therefore getting paid is not important at all, instead grandparents should be taking this opportunity to develop a closer relationship with their grandchildren.  

Secondly, parents really need to work now, in order to earn money for the family because the cost of living is very high. So grandparents should be very supportive and help with looking after the grandchildren when the parents need to go to work.  Sharing this responsibility is very important as both parents need to work because everything is very expensive.

At times parents might want a break from their children, so giving the grandparents the responsibility to look after them, wouldn’t mean they are taking advantage of them and being selfish. Instead it means that they know they have support and that the parents of the grandchildren have someone there when they need time out.

For all these reasons, I strongly believe Grandparents shouldn’t get paid to look after their own grandchildren.

by Jenascia


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