Monday, 12 March 2018

Silhouette in the rainbow art.

We did this art today and it's called silhouette in the rainbow. First we had to take a picture of our side view and trace the outline of our face, then we painted the face black and let it dry. After that we drew lines and painted inside the spaces. This artwork was a great experience for me, in the future I would want to do more art like this.


Sau@ glen Innes said...

Hi William. I like the fact that you explained your artwork. I like doing art but I know you do better than me. Have you thought about it showing it to other people?

Royal321 said...

Hi William. I like your silhouette in the rainbow art it is very nice. I do art myself and I like art because art is easy for me but maybe not for other people. Have you thought about doing your art work in 3D?

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