Friday, 6 April 2018

My Flying car

WALT - Write a narrative story

I must have a “hook” to get my readers attention.
I must use show not tell so that readers can create a
picture in their mind.

"Roar" as the engined blasted with noise, I was so angry as I couldn't get my car to work so I kicked the car with all my anger and with a blink of an eye, a miracle happened, my car was working. At first I thought I was dreaming but very happy knowing I got it to work, so I got in the car and put my foot on the accelerator. Suddenly the car floated straight into the clouds. As it went up I screamed louder than a fire alarm siren and thousands of eyes blinked repeatedly as they couldn't believe a car was flying.

Soon my frightened screaming turned into a thrilled scream because I now know that I am the first person to fly in a car so I decided to enjoyed as this could be the best time in my life. Zooming through the sky, I could see thousands of paparazzi taking pictures of me and I knew I would be famous.

Going through the sky, I felt like superman and it was very easy to drive up in the air. It had been a smooth journey so far, but now the engine suddenly gave a cough and splutter. That could only mean one thing, I was going down but very lucky it just had enough energy to bring me to land gently.

As I was landing I ended up right in front of a gas station. I hopped off very quickly and filled up my car, hoping that I fly again. Unfortunately it did not happen again but it was a great adventure and I still wonder about how it happen.


Michelle @glen Innes school said...

Hi William,
you've done a extraordinary effort on your epic narrative, flying car adventure.

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