Monday, 29 October 2012

Vacation by Shanelle

I would like to go on a vacation
very far away
I would take a private jet
to a place that we will stay

We will take supplies
for that scrummy adventure
we will take part
in a surfing extravaganza

We’ll get a surfing board
and surf the waves
we will get some bathing suits
for me and my crew

We won the extravaganza
that was so close
team John almost caught up
but we were too good

We have to go home now
we’ll come back again
It’s fun to vacation
far away on a plane     


Britney said...

Welcome and congratulations on getting a class blog. Your poem is outstanding. I've enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to read more posts. What are you willing to do next with your class blog?

Krissy Rangi said...

Hi Shanelle, this is an awesome post to start Room 8's class blog. When I read it I feel like I am on a vacation. Right now I wish I was at the beach that would be lovely. I can't wait till the summer holidays. Can you?

Longa said...

Hi Shanelle this is an amazing poem. Did you write this poem?

Shanelle said...

Thank you for the comments.Britney,we are practising using our Google docs and we want to write some more writing on our blog. Krissy, I cant wait for that holiday too, but it is going to be fun. Longa, actually I did write this poem and thank you for this great compliment.

Andrea said...

Hi Shanelle. I like your story. You put some rhyming words into it. Will you write another story just like this one?

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