Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mother's Day Poem by Shanelle

Mother’s Day Poem

I love my mum from head to toe
We share our love that we both know.

She is the world to me
And it is true, you see.

I might forget her
but in my heart she will stay forever.

My mum is special in so many ways
And I will miss her every day.

She’s like a diamond in the sky
And she’s an angel that can fly.

My mum never rest
And she helps me to be the best.

Her lovely eye’s reminds me of the time
When me and my mum reads lovely rhymes.

Now you know how much I love my mum
She is bright like the sun.


Sajiha said...

Hi Shanelle,
Your poem is so interesting. I really liked the way
you said "she's like a diamond in the sky and she's an angel that can fly!" That is such a wonderful way to describe your mother. I wonder what you did for your mother on mother's day?

Dion said...

Hi Shanelle, I like reading your poem. You use lots of nice words to describe your mother. I wonder what you got for your mum on mother's day?

Anau said...

Good morning Shanelle.
I enjoyed reading your poem about your Mothers day have use some wonderful words to describe your mum.

Andrea said...

Kia ora Shanelle,
Your poem is so wonderful, you have so much interesting words about your special mother. I like the way you said"I love my mum from head to toe, we share our love that we both know".I am wondering, what do you love so much about your mum?

Adrienne said...

Good morning Shanelle

When I read your poem it had lots of interesting
words when you were describing about your Mum.
Is there something that you would want to enjoy with your very special Mum?

Munokoa said...

Hi shanelle I liked your picture because it was in the right spot and your writing was amazing keep it up.

Serena said...

Kia Ora Shanelle,
I really enjoyed reading your poem, You have used lovely words to describe your Mother. What did you get your Mum for Mothers day?

Megan said...

Kia Ora, Kia Orana, Malo Lelei, Talofa Lava, Fakalofa Lahi Atu.
I enjoyed reading your poem. What did you give for your Mum?

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