Monday, 13 May 2013

My mum is the best by Sajiha

                  My mum is the best

My mum always put joy in all my days
and touches my heart in precious ways.

She is the best mum
in the whole wide world, and she will always
be in my heart until I die.

So now I want to thank you, mum
for being so true
and I will always
love you.  


Fiona Grant said...

Good morning Sajiha,
I enjoyed reading your poem, you have used some wonderful words to describe your mother. Is there a favourite pass time that you enjoy with your Mum?

Sajiha said...

Good morning Mrs. Grant,
Thank you. Not really, but we just have good times on mother's day. Like on this year's mother's day my family and I got all together and just gave the presents. This year's mother's day I gave my mother a real golden ring. I had been saving up for her.

Sanele said...

Hi Sajiha.
I really like your story because you use interesting words to describe your Mother. Did your mum read your poem?

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