Sunday, 22 September 2013

A New Pet

Today at 12.30am,  I went to the SPCA and got a new pet.  I got a dog.  He was a black and white dog.  His breed was a “Siberian Husky”.  I only got him when he was still a puppy.  When I got him, he was in a box with big round holes in it.  I was so excited to get home so  I nearly dropped the box on the footpath..

When I got home, my mum remembered that I should take care of it and feed it.  She had also bought some toys for him to play with.  Then I named him Lotus.  I called him that that because my dad has a car called the “Lotus exige” that has black stripes and white paint.  When I showed my dad Lotus, he made a collar that had his car on it and it said “Too Fast For You”.  Then he wrote TFFY for it.  The next 2 days I went out and took him out for a walk around the park.  When I stopped to tie my shoes, Lotus ran away and went somewhere I could not find him.  The line was still on him.  He was dragging it somewhere I would not know.

Then I ran to my house and told my mum “Lotus has run away from me!”.  My mum said “Where is he”.  Then I pointed out to some trees and said “ Over There”.  When she looked, she called the SPCA and told them to help us find. Then they replied to my mum and said “We are coming”.  My dad told me to come and look for him in his Lotus while my mum made posters and put them on the wall.  When we went past we saw a dog like lotus but was a bulldog.  So we went home.  On the next day my mum shook a packet of biscuits and saw a dog running back home to us with a red collar with the same as Lotus’s collar.  So I ran down stairs and opened the door with a big surprise.  It was Lotus.

Then I carried him upstairs and fed him his favourite biscuits and some water.  He was eating and drinking  them very fast.  After that my mum put down the posters and got a good sleep because she was tired of talking to all thoses people.  Then Lotus got a good night’s rest next to me so I can protect him.  I also taught him some new tricks in the morning.


Sajiha said...

Kia orana Samuel,
Wow! I really enjoyed reading your story. When I read the first sentence, I didn't want to stop reading. This story about Lotus really shows how much you love him. Is Lotus your very first pet?

Liam said...

dear samuel
your story is very good and it very great story .
i was reading your half of your story it was very great and it was really nice.
do you take care of your dog

Etai said...

Wow your movie about blogs made people feel like leaving a comment. Who got this idea to make commenting about blogs.

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