Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Incredible Whale

The Incredible Whale

Far away under the deep blue sea lived a humble and brave whale and he wasn't afraid of anything. He could fight off sharks and rip open the nets that captured his friends but he'll come back in cuts and bumps. The sea creatures were so proud of him that they made him a royal guard to serve the king and queen.

One night he was guarding the front gate all by himself because they were all having a party for the king and queen’s daughter.  Then a fisher net came down to catch him and it did. The whale couldn't get out and when he reached the top of the ocean he could breath but he pretended to be dead. When the fishers got to shore, the whale hopped out and he got trapped in a garden maze but he knew that he could not stop. He kept on going and he finally reached the other side and dived back into the sea because he knew it will be time to go home.

He got back just in time for dinner. He had a really good adventure but that wasn't his last.


Andrea said...

Kia Ora Shanelle
I was very interested in your story of the incredible whale. I really like your picture of the big blue whale. Would you like to see a brave whale in the deep blue sea?

Anau said...

Talofa lava Shanelle,
I like you photo of the big blue whale and it looks interesting.
What animal would you draw next year?

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