Friday, 4 September 2015

15 words story

Heather and Sarah:

Lion captured Mouse, but he set him free. Later Lion got trapped, mouse released him.
After reading 'The lion and the mouse' we have to try and rewrite the story in 15 words. It was really hard and it took us a while to come up with this sentence because we have to choose the words carefully.


Mrs Parkes said...

Its not easy when you are limited to 15 words to summarise the fable. Well done. I thought I would have a go myself and I came up with ...
What goes around, comes around. Lion releases mouse, mouse releases lion... I hope you don't mind but I piggy-backed one of your words - released. Hmm have to agree, it's not easy.

sosaia said...

sup lion bro this is sosaia

Mayjah @ Glen Innes School said...

it is hard to write with only 15 words but it looks impressive also how did you know what to write with 15 words?

Leane Barry said...

I agree with Mayjah and Mrs Parkes, it was a difficult concept. But it looks like you both understood the task. Keep up the good work you two.

Alecia said...

Hello Room 7!
I enjoyed this task, but maybe next time you could explain a little bit more. Keep up the great work!

Saveu said...

Hi Room 7
I really like the "Lion and the Mouse" Story. I hope you's had fun doing this activity.


Nazanin said...

Hi Room 7
I am Nazanin from Pbs
I love your Guys cat and mouse rewrite.
Keep up the great work

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