Monday, 10 August 2015

Jake the dog

Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 11.25.02 AM.png
Adjective - red
adverbs -  blue
Conjunction - purple

WALT: write a story about an image.

I can use an interesting sentence to begin my story.
I can use adjectives to describe nouns.
I can use adverbs to describe verbs.
I and use conjunctions to join sentences.

One winter night Jake the dog went out to gaze upon the stars. He then heard a disturbing noise from the trees. A black cat appeared as he walked towards his house.

After taking a good look at him, the cat meowed and another family member came but no others were to be seen. He noticed that they were walking slowly and looked very hungry so he took them inside for some milk. Jake’s owner saw what he was doing and he decided that they could use some fresh tuna from the refrigerator.

Then Jake saw that the cats were cold and sleepy so he put them on his back in front of the fire but not only to keep them warm but to let them have a peaceful sleep. Jake was feeling like a humble father that had two wonderful cat kids.

A few months later the cats were all grown up. They were beginning to cause a lot of trouble so Jake’s owner said that “it’s time for them to leave” but Jake wasn’t ready to leave them by themselves.

The next day Jake took his favourite cats outside and took them to the trees where he found them, they started walking further and further but they never turned back.  

Jake felt like a humongous piece of him left but he knew in his heart that they were strong enough to take care of themselves and they could live on their own now.


Yayleen Hubbard said...

I love your imagination here Heather, you write so the reader can visualise, and almost feel how the dog felt about the cats, and making them part of his family, and you met your writing criteria so well.
Great work keep it up!

Mahdia said...

Hi Room 10,
I love how you guys used your imagination to write this story.
Well done and keep up the hard work

Natalia@Glen Innes School said...

Hi Heather

I really like the way this story because it has lots of interesting adjectives and sentences. I also like the way you used nouns,verbs and adverbs because hardly people use them in their writing.

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